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Welcome to Turkey's first and only largest infrastructure products e-commerce page!

We were established to be by your side when you want to make a difference in infrastructure and bring quality service to your city. We came with thousands of products to help you reach the quality of your dreams. We brought infrastructure to your feet online. We are loved by you for our service approach.

While providing Turkey’s first and only online infrastructure service, we are growing with you; We work to offer you the highest quality, best product at the most affordable price, and to be with you until the end of the project, both before and after the product reaches you.

The products offered to you by your site,

• Infrastructure products

  • Drinking water pipes
    • Pe100 high-density drinking water pipes (20mm – 800mm)
    • Pe32 drinking water network pipes (20 mm – 63 mm)
    • Hdpe Fittings Electrofusion
    • Hdpe Fittings bonding (injection, fabrication)
    • Pvc drinking water pipes and fittings (20 mm - 400mm)
    • Sewer pipes and fittings
    • Hdpe Corrugated Pipe (100 mm - 700mm)
    • PVC waste water pipes (50 mm – 250 mm)
  • Natural gas pipes
    • Pe80 Natural gas pipes (20 mm – 400 mm)
    • Pe100 Natural gas pipes (20 mm - 400 mm)

• Telecommunication products

  • Fiber optic cable casing and fittings (40 mm)
  • Telecom Corrugated Sheath Pipe (50-75-100-150 mm) and fittings

• Agricultural products

  • Sprinkler Pipes
    • Clamped sprinkler pipes and sprinklers (75 mm – 160 mm)
    • Clamped Sprinkler pipes and sprinklers (75 mm – 160 mm)
  • Drip Pipes

• Superstructure products

  • PPRC pipes and fittings
  • PEX pipes and fittings

• Dredging Products

  • Pe100 Dredging Pipes (110mm - 800 mm)
  • Floating Buoys (at the desired Carrying Capacity)
  • Flexible Rubber Pipes (110 mm - 800 mm)


Our mission is to produce high-quality, reliable goods and services, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction while contributing to the national economy.

VISION: In line with our mission and values, our vision is to take our place among the leading organizations in our sector and to have a voice worldwide.

VALUES: Reliability, Efficiency, Quality, Honesty, Customer Satisfaction